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    Welcome to Angie's Hats
    Specializing In Custom Designed Handmade Hats For Any Occasion.

     Kentucky Derby, Dressy, Casual, One of A Kind. Elegant, Classy, Fun, Headwear.  

     Cloches...Wide Brim Picture Hats...Fedoras...Pillboxes...Cocktail Hats...and Fascinators.

     We design hats to fit your head.  You select the style, color, flowers, crystals, feathers, and
     we do the rest.  We also carry a ready to wear line.



                                         Angie's Hats is located in Lowertown St. Paul
                                                    We Are Open by Appointment Only

                                                email: angie@angieshats.com  



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Angie's Hats is located in Lowertown Saint Paul
We Are Open by Appointment Only





Bridal Hats 2014...



2013 Kentucky Derby Customers...

Angie's Hats is located in Lowertown St. Paul by Appointment Only...
orthern Warehouse Artist Co-op
308 Prince Street  Studio #610
email: angie@angieshats.com          


Custom Trimmed Satin Ribbon Hats


Cloches...Mini Top Hats...Picture Hats...Fascinators...Saucers...Cocktail Hats...


       Classy...Elegant...Sporty and Fun Headwear...
Angie's Hats are also available:   
                          Prima Donna's Closet                                                    Artist Mercantile   
                      1206 St. Charles Avenue                                                2 4 West 7th Place
                          New Orleans, LA 70130                                                  Downtown St. Paul

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Kentucky Derby Hats         
Fall Hats



 Minnesota Monthly Magazine - May 2010
Photo by Joel Larson:


   Classy...Elegant...Sporty and Fun Headwear...

      Angie's Hats are also available:   
           Prima Donna's Closet                                                         Artist Mercantile      
           1206 St. Charles Avenue                                                    2 4 West 7th Place
                  New Orleans, LA 70130                                                     Downtown St. Paul    

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                                                                     Wedding Hats



As Seen In The Mpls Star Tribune January 13, 2008