Welcome to Angie's Hats...Millinery Creations

Specializing in custom Millinery.  We create handmade hats for any occasion. Kentucky Derby Hats, Wedding Hats, Easter Hats , Church Hats, Cocktail Hats, Themed Party Hats, Derby Party Hats, Red Hats, Fascinators, Mother's Day Hats, Hats for High Tea, and our favorite, Hats for Hat Lovers . Hats and headpieces are made by hand in the workshop of our studio.

From the homepage you can explore the different galleries. The images represent a range of styles, colors, and embellishments. In particular on the Gallery page is a range of unlimited possibilities.  If you are looking to create a piece that sets you apart and are located in the Twin Cities or nearby we would be thrilled to make an appointment with you to create a show stopping custom fitted hat for you, and for whatever the occasion. We are located in Saint Paul, MN and open by appointment only.

"Our hope is to create a hat that warms your heart"